Assalamualaikum and very good day for all of you.

Did you rely that I didn’t write any entry for these seasons? Pretty sorry guys. I actually need to more focus for my big exam that the penentu my life. And for your information, 5th December 2012 at 1430 I’ve finish my papers for SPM. What? Totally unexpected. Alhamdulillah. Everything held with clearly without any ruined. You know what. After the teacher collect all the exam papers. The entire phone that we put at the stage was ringing. Hahaha . All of girls were laughing because only girls know this planed suddenly the boys was stare in surprise.  After this I’ll not enter ibnu rushd’s hall for held my exam. insyaAllah. Check it out our last memories wearing samtak’s uniform.

Haa. Now I want to show off ler siket. Kitorang punya night bbq only at DM. Malam yang penuh dengan gelak ketawa and photo shoot. Tok sah habak laa. Perut memang santak kasi pecah. Rasa freedom sangat time ni. Cuba usya my scarf memang labuh sangat. Even ada GPK HEM dia buat don’t know jeh. Terserlah kesportingan nyer.

This time our annual dinner at One Plaza Convention Centre. Haha. Kononnya. I didn’t remind what the place’s name .okay actually I had a little big argue with my heart’s boss. So I need to spend my time more for him. There’s a little bit my photo with my fellow friends. Urghh. I’m really sad because can’t spend my last night with my friend. Yeah, I’ll show you my best day I ever had with my friend.


The days come and go. How fast we count even we don’t want to count it. It will come to us and want us to hold up it. Dear my friend, hopefully you will never forget our day that we through together with the sadness and also happiness. I wish that our memories will be the best moment we ever had together for the rest of our life. 

p/s: actually there's many picture that i didn't put here. I wish all of you will be enjoy reading my post (: wassalam